KVlogs #002

August 25th, 2020

5AM// For some reason on days that Faith works my body is in-tune to her schedule so naturally I was up at 5, I stirred her around 5:15 but she was having a slow morning, I got up with her and decided to make her coffee for her hour drive to work. Babe, if you read this I have no idea what was wrong with that coffee but it tasted super watered down, my bad. After I helped her pack her truck up I hugged and kissed her goodbye as I wouldn’t be seeing her for the next few days, our schedules kind were just out of sync this week. Shortly after she left I fell back asleep.

8AM// I woke up to my alarm going off in my ear, I have a scheduled TB test that I have to go get done and documented for school. A TB test or Tuberculosis test is just a small injection to the the surface layers of the skin, and the solution leaves a little bump on your arm. It’s relatively painless, and less painful than normal shots. It’s required for I think all medical type jobs as well as education. My appointment is at 9:50, initially I thought it was at 9:20 so this gives me time to make a cup of coffee and finish up yesterday’s blog.

10AM// I arrived to the CVS Minute Clinic in Punta Gorda (about 45mins away) and am instructed to wait on a phone call. Naturally, I pull up my laptop and start making sure all bills are set up to be paid on the 28th since I replaced my debit card yesterday. I get called in, receive the test, and I’m on my way. The drive back was a little more scorching than the ride their. Other than the fact that I can deal with it and would rather not spend the money to get my compressor replaced, I have no logical explanation as to why i’m driving around with no A/C in Florida.

11AM// I was becoming a little peckish so I decided to eat a little something something before starting my next task. Oddly enough the next task at hand was to play some halo and get some videos to edit and post on Youtube.

1PM// So I got the gameplay recorded, edited and it is being uploaded to YouTube as we speak, its just about nap time. Heather said she wanted to come by really quick to print something out and the I was fast asleep on the couch shortly after I locked the door behind her.

4PM// I wake up totally dazed and confused, luckily this time I only slept for 2 hours, I had no alarms set. No sign of my phone, but I woke up with the worst taste in my mouth have to brush for atleast 5 minutes for any sort of relief.

5PM// Faith texts me about how much her iPad is, I completely forgot to submit the payment and the payment screen timed out. While doing this UPS finally arrived, I had been long awaiting the arrival of my phone all day. I have to say, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your phone for 45 minutes just to use it. Damn was it worth it, kind of, I haven’t really hit a situation where I’ve needed needed my phone, however it is a great filler.

8PM// I cleaned up a little and am starting to wind down for the day. I threw on some Netflix. I highly recommend “Teenage Bounty Hunters” it’s a new Netflix original series and if you can get over a little girly cheesiness it’s really a funny show. It’s as the title says, about teenage bounty hunters, but they’re southern christian girls. I have work in the morning so Ill probably start getting ready for bed in the next hour or two, watch The Office and play Runescape. Twas a good day.

10PM// I’ve been doing some browsing, looking into freelance writing as a side gig. I’m always about making more money.

Life’s short, drive fast and leave a sexy corpse – Stanley Hudson earlier today on “The Office”


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