KVlogs #001

August 24, 2020 **yes, I know it’s the 25th, I forgot to publish this last night ***also, I need help deciding on a title, the aim of this is to try and write daily, Thanks!

4AM// Sometime around this we had our last call of the shift, it was just from a local hospital to an assisted living facility right down the road. The patient was brought into the ER because he tried to leave his facility after and argument with staff, patient was demented. There’s nothing abnormal about the short story, but if your medical you’ll probably snort and not be surprised.

5AM// We got back at base but I knew there was no way I was going to fall asleep before getting off at 8, I had gone to bed around midnight but didn’t find sleep until around 3, only to get an hour of sleep. I decided to hop on my laptop and start paying bills and other productive things, including writing on the blog. ALS crew got there at 6AM per usual and we did our normal BS’ing, both of them had trainee’s so I managed to pass a lot of time talking to them, anytime remaining I filled with mindless browsing and playing Halo.

8AM// I got home to a spotless apartment, Faith, who you’ve yet to be introduced to yet it my wonderful girlfriend, we’ve been dating for around 4 months now, and after being in a handful of long term relationships, I haven’t been happier. Coffee was ready to be brewed and she even left me a note to have a good day, it really set the mood and tempo for the day. I was in a good mood, so instead of sitting down and attempting to unwind I decided to clean the porch, one of the two things she had requested of me to accomplish today, that and trash and recycling – which reminds me I need to take the trash out as I’m typing this at almost 5pm. The porch was a mess, our cats had absolutely made a pig sty of it.

10AM// Porch got cleaned, and I even moved a few things around to spice things up for a new look. I’m still in “work mode” and have yet to wind down, so I decided to keep the train rolling. I’ve been without my debit card for a few days now and am just going to dub it as “lost”, so I ran to the bank really quick to grab a new one. Surprising, I was in and out of Achieva in less than 5 minutes and back home in less than 30. When I got home I decided to file a claim for my phone that I’ve been without for a month. Apple was taking too long to send me a box that I filed for on the 6th. I decided to bite the bullet and just pay the 200$ and get a new phone through Asurion, my phone should be here sometime tomorrow with a return package for the broken one.

12AM// Nap time, alarm set for 1:05, 1:10, 1:15.

3PM// I slept through all my alarms, bad habit of mine. Unless it’s something important like work or an appointment my subconscious requires at least three alarms to wake up, and even then I manage to sleep through them. Otherwise I find it hard to sleep, no in between. Faith is home in four hours and the apartment is a little more messy than it should be. Note to self: need to get into the habit of eating when I get home from work and not after I nap.

4PM// I spent the remainder of the time between the bedroom and the living room. I was originally going to take it upon myself to take start a campaign on Halo and record it, just for nostalgic value, but was stopped because of needed updates that I had neglected to put on my newly purchased laptop. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

7PM// Faith is finally home and I was in the mood to debut the newly arranged porch to her so I set up a couple chairs and offered her a beer. We ended up sitting out there and talking for around an hour and a half, it was super refreshing, and much needed as she has a busy week ahead of her and I won’t see her the next couple of days. We packed things up shortly after sunset and I ran to McDonald’s while she hopped in the shower. We had some friends coming over.

9PM// One of my best friends, Heather and our friend Danica came over for about an hour to visit and play with our cats. After that Faith and I got tired pretty quickly after they had left and went to bed a few episodes of the office later, as Faith had to wake up at 5 for work. All in all it was productive day, with enough rest to satisfy my two day break in between shifts.


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