KVlogs #003

August 26, 2020

7AM// I’m awake before my alarm, which is normal before work. My alarm goes off and as per usual I’m instantly out of bed. If I have plans or somewhere to be in the morning I’m not the type of person to lay in bed and waste time unless I’m really dreading the occasion. Before hopping in the shower I lay out my pants, underwear, and towel for when I hop out, it’s usually freezing in the apartment first thing in the morning.

8AM// I arrive at work just in the nick of time, I have my phone now so I’m able to clock in from the parking lot, I promptly do my truck check and do starting mileage, usually my partner Dan does it but I figured I’d just take care of it this morning. Holy crap, did I take having a phone for granted, this thing is such a quality of life tool. I make my bed and do my best to catch some sleep before we get sent out for the day.

3PM// This never normally happens. Usually we get a solid 2-3 hours of sleep before being dispatched out but I guess it must’ve been a slow day in our zone because we didn’t get our first call until around 3:15, down in Englewood. The nurse that signed off the patient seemed uninterested, nothing pisses me off more than having to deal with someone who doesn’t like their line of work. She got flustered and upset when I asked for additional information. “Do you really need that? She’s going to hospice”, lady if you don’t like doing your job, quit, plain and simple, you’re doing an injustice to those trying to provide good quality care and it’s unfair to patients when you’re being an ass.

4PM// The call went over well and we got another one instantly, from Port Charlotte to Tampa, a long distance, a little over 100 miles. Thankfully we didn’t get this one too early in the shift or too late as it took around 4 hours to complete. I was tasked with driving this one since I did patient care last call. It was a nice drive traffic wasn’t to heavy on the way there, we were going to Moffitt Cancer center which was right in the middle of USF so we stopped in one of the parking lots afterwards to eat and take a second before getting back on the road to head back to base in Venice. We hit a little traffic on the way back and stopped for gas before pulling into base around 9:30.

10PM// Short bit of entries today, but not too much happened, (hopefully) we have a peaceful nights and end the shift with two calls, but that’s usually not the case. Dan and I are just winding down in the living room, he’s watching the end of the Lightning game and i’m not paying much attention to it, just mindlessly browsing on my computer. All in all it’s been a good shift, I can’t complain after sleeping for 7 hours this morning. I’m going to try and get some sleep before they send on another one, night ya’ll.


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