KVlogs #004

August 27, 2020

sorry it’s a day late

5AM// I wish I could say we slept through the night, but we didn’t. Don’t get me wrong it was a blessing only running 2 calls and then having that 3rd final call. I was awake around 4AM and our call went out around 5/515, from North Port ER to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, hip pain. The call would take us around 2 hours to complete give our take 15 minutes or so, usually there weren’t too many delays that time of day and we made it to SMH right before the nurses changed shifts so we didn’t run into any problems there either. We got back right before 8, and our relief was there. Ryan and Faith, the crew that relieves us are great, they’re always there early and I usually end up spending 15-20mins talking with them past my shift.

8AM// I clocked out and headed home. I took off my pants and promptly change into some jeans and leave the shirt on that I wore yesterday. I have to return to the CVS in Punta Gorda for my TB test read at 10AM.

10AM// I drove down to Punta Gorda to get my TB test read and surprisingly everyone was driving very well today. I counted at least 9 people that got over for me on the way down. Traffic was relatively light off the highway. The test came back negative for TB, I got my flu shot, which might I add: This years mixture/solution is extremely thick and hurt a little more than normal. It actually made my arm twitch uncontrollably, however I don’t know if that was the needle stick or the solution they used. Shortly after Faith texted me about heading down to Cape Coral and picking her up while her truck gets an oil change. I picked her up and we promptly go to the nearest Verizon, we’ve been having a hell of a time between trying to order an iPad for her for school. We once again leave empty handed, we decided to try our options at Best Buy and other retailers. Except it was a mistake, we should’ve just double downed and bought it at the Verizon retailer we were just at, lesson learned. Frustrated and super hot we decided to head back to her parent’s place to wind down and try to order the iPad once again on the computer, no luck the system is declining both of our cards. Either going to go in tomorrow or just go in myself on my way home today, we’ll see how things go.

3PM// I got home, frustrated as hell and plop myself down on the couch and throw on Netflix as I pull up my laptop and open the Verizon page. Maybe if I just sit there diligently and try to repeatedly submit the purchase it will go through.

4PM// Max, another one of my best friends came over to grab some video games and records he let me borrow a while back. He hung out for like an hour and a half and and we even arranged to meet later, if we were in the mood. He was having girl troubles and wanted some company –I’m almost positive she’ll never see this so no worries.

5PM// Faith get’s home and we decide to relax for a little bit and order pizza on the way to Max’s, we get to the pool way before Max. When I say way before Max I mean like a full hour and a half before. He still ends up leaving to go talk to his girlfriend on the jetty because apparently we’re still in high school and all about dramatics.

9PM// So a good while after Max leaves, Faith and I decide to dip in the pool. We’re having fun enjoying ourselves, and she gets cold. so we start holding each other and walking around the pool because the deepest it gets is 5ft. Next thing I know this random-ass dude with the age ranging between the age of 55-65 comes walking up staring at Faith and then mumbled something under his breath. I go “Huh?” and the dude turns around acting all big and bad walking towards the pool like he wanted to fight. Asked if I wanted to go, and just taken aback by what transpired I just kind of stared at him and he walked away. It was hilarious, he slammed the gate on his way out. Interesting night, we got home by like 11 and passed out promptly.


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