KVlogs #005

August 29, 2020
Starting this blog was a goal of mine for quite sometime, and in starting to pursue it i’ve found that it’s a lot harder than it seems to keep up with a daily blog, every day. Simply-put there’s just not enough time in everyday if you don’t specifically set time aside to write. So in days that are jam packed with activity and adventure’s i’m going to do my best and share them with you, but I definitely can’t promise every day. Thank you for understanding.

— — — — — —

7AM// So I wake up this morning, like any morning before work I woke up about 20-30 minutes before my alarm. I popped up instantly and jumped into the shower. Once again, I told myself I wasn’t going to wash my hair but I ended up going to work with wet hair anyways.

8AM// I get to work, unload my things, then make my bed. I walk out to the ambulance bay to start my truck check only to find we’re not in our normal ambulance, 714, but we are in a Van-bulance, 364. Like normal I start my truck check, going through the back and even decided to do starting mileage. While i’m on the phone with Dispatch they inform us that they’re going to send us down to Port Charlotte to pick up 714. Dan and I load up, get some coffee, and start making our way down to corporate.

10AM// We made it down to Port Charlotte, switched out trucks, and immediately sent to Englewood to do a transport to an assisted living facility 2miles away. Easy. It took us around 45 minutes to complete. We get our post page back to Venice base, only to rest there for about an hour before being sent out again.

12PM// We get dispatched back down to Englewood for another <5mile transport. This is how most of our day went. If we made it back to base it was usually for less than an hour. I’m typing this at 9PM as we’re on our way to another call in Port Charlotte. Don’t take this as complaining, all in all it’s been a good shift so far with another 11 hours to go.

1-7PM// We didn’t spend more than two hours at base today, which is okay, it made the day go by a lot quicker, however I was a lot more grateful with last shift when we only ran 3 calls.

8PM// We get our second to last call of today (8/29) aslo back down in Englewood to Englewood. She was the sweetest lady ever. We talked throughout the entire trip which was about 15 minutes. I found out she was from Massachusetts and she has family all over the country, she seemed happy to be having the conversation and was in great spirits and no pain for a broken hip. We got to her house where he daughter was waiting, she was heading home for at home hospice. The daughter was equally as sweet as can be, and was extremely thorough with the transfer of care which was very relieving that we were leaving her in good hands. After situating her in her recliner she promptly thanks Dan and looks to me and calls me a “Sweet Girl”. Dan, the daughter, and myself couldn’t help but laugh that she thought I was a woman. In her defense she was blind in one eye and hard of hearing, apparently my “patient care” voice is extremely feminine. That comment alone made Dan and I’s night better, and it’ll probably be a story I tell to people for a long time. I put my hand on hers and tell her it’s okay and to take care before departing. I bid farewell to her daughter and we get back out on the road.

10PM// So after that last call we get a “Go back to base” page. As per the page we start heading home. We get about 5 mins from base only to get a page to go down to Port Charlotte for another call back to Englewood. Dan and I are slap happy, and barely making sense at the point, essentially numb to the calls and running, we complete this last one for the night and head back to base.

11PM// The days winding down to an end and i’m sincerely hoping we get to sleep through the night. I’m posted out on the couch in the base living room watching Impractical Jokesters waiting for any sign of sleep to rush over me. It was an active day, I didn’t get a nap surprisingly enough, but it was good nontheless.


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