Finding my niche in Writing.

It’s 12:30AM, and I’m at work watching Impractical Jokers. just submitted my blog for the day and I’m trying to catch the fatigue that I was trying so hard to fight just hours earlier. I was doing some browsing on the interwebs for different ways that people use writing to make money. I knew what freelance writing was but didn’t know just how broad of a term it is.

I had no idea that there were literally hundreds of different ways to write and get paid to write. From writing scholarly articles to composing work emails to ghostwriting on a best selling novel. The possibilities are endless, and if i’m being honest, I’m intimidated by how much there actually is. I did some more surfing and was able to reduce the selection to a few areas that would better cohere to me.

Blog writing was something that caught my eye first, for obvious reasons. This is still the start of the journey, a week has gone by since I started the blog. Overall, it’s been therapeutic, writing about my day or any sort of topic of interest that may have popped up throughout the day. The ability to put my thoughts, interests, and skills all in one place is invigorating. Having a place where my creativity all comes together fuels the fire helps motivate me to create more content, whatever it may be.

As far as the other niche’s, it’s all uncharted territory. I can only speculate what it is I enjoy writing about, or am proficient or have promise of proficiency in. So where do I begin? Article Writing isn’t that far off from blogging, you find a topic or event and write about it. Essentially, this and any post that not including KVlogs.

One of the things that stuck out in the many articles I’ve read over the past couple nights is that you don’t start writing over night. Practice makes perfect, and chances are if you’re a beginner with no experience and you consider yourself a good writer, you’re probably just mediocre. Writing also isn’t lucrative right away either, I’m doing this more for a creative outlet than a source of income, but an additional income is never a bad thing, especially when you love what your doing.

Copywriting was one of the next niche’s I looked into. This is a fancy way to say advertising. Your job as a copywriter is to increase brand or product awareness. There’s hundreds of ways to copywrite and you see example of it everywhere. Example of copywriting include billboards, brochures, catalogs, newspaper ads, and social media ads. It really just depends on the products and information availability on said product.

Ghostwriting was my last browsing venture for the night. Ghostwriting is essentially getting paid to be an unaccredited entity in a project like a book or movie. These are generally more profitable than the aforementioned writing styles. This is something I can see myself doing later as I gain more experience by completing various projects.

I’m going to continue to buff my “writing portfolio” in the time being. As of now this is just a creative outlet for me that I’m dedicated at keeping active and up to date with all of my projects. If anything comes up you’ll be the first to know.


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