KVlogs #006

September 2, 2020

6AM// So luckily we got a full night’s sleep last night. I say we collectively because Dan did most of the sleeping last night. For some reason we got ran all day, we ended up doing 9 or 10 calls but was out of base from 9am until midnight last night. I fell asleep around 3am, and was surprisingly woken up at 6am by dispatch telling me to call them. I thought nothing of it until 5 minutes later we get an additional page, this one read “DAKOTA PLEASE CALL DISPATCH”. I called and unbeknownst to me Dan had actually gone home right around 6am instead of our usual 8am, I was told I could either hop on the ALS truck for the remaining 2 hours, or go home. I went home. I have an appointment with STC at 10am for registration and I want to get some sleep in, that way I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed going in. I also have a meeting with an admin and my supervisor at work at 3pm, but I’ll get into that later.

9AM// I fought sleep for the entirety for the 2.5hrs I was allotted before I had to leave for Sarasota. I quickly pop up and get dressed, I’m out of the door by 915. The drive up there was great, it wasn’t too extreme of a morning without A/C and the drive was primarily highway so it made for a breezy drive.

10AM//After waiting in Student Services for about 20 minutes, a young lady came out to inform me that my appointment was actually for 11am, not 10, but she proceeds to help me in between students regardless. Registration was relatively painless, I hate how tedious everyday life is now with COVID. Not so much the precautions but just the effective flow of things during this pandemic.

11AM// The drive back was a little more scorching, but I made quick work of the trip. I’ve been having an existential crisis about what I wanted to do with my hair before my meeting today. I have been talking about getting it cut for weeks and this is the longest it’s ever been, I can get it into a man bun. I decided to stop at SuperCuts rather than going to an expensive hairstylist. I told myself that if they had walk-in availability under 15-20 minutes I would cave and get a haircut. They did, I feel 5lbs lighter. It looks so much more professional, it dries quicker, and I don’t have to style it for it to look decent.

12PM// Max called while I was getting my haircut to hang out, so he was on his way and I was doing my best to not relax too much and get tired. I was running on 3 hours of sleep but I could power through if I kept myself busy. I failed, miserably. I left around 2, I caved and had to drink a Bang on the way down.
I say “Bang”, it was really a “Reign” as my partner likes to point out constantly, for me the word is interchangeable, they both have 300mg of caffeine that will give you heart palpitations.

3PM// So a couple weeks back, we were coming back from a call, and as we got back to base, I clip the garage door by about 1in while it’s coming up and pop it right off. 2600$ was the price of that mistake. This was just a follow up meeting for said event that transpired. No worries, if I was going to lose my job I would’ve lost it by now. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes, and I was on my way home.
I was drenched in sweat by the time I pulled into the driveway. I went up stairs, managed to get my clothes off, and promptly passed out in the bed.

7PM// I remember vaguely, shutting off my 5 o’clock alarm twice and then getting sucked back into slumber. I woke up dazed and confused and stumbled out of bed. I threw my Bang from earlier in the day into the freezer. There was no way I was making it through the rest of the afternoon without some help from caffeine. I throw open my laptop and start typing away about my day, then I remembered something crucial: Bills. I had half of my bills I had to pay as it was the 2nd, which means rent and electric is due. It takes 2 seconds to pay them on the computer. I diligently return to typing. As I’m typing this up I’m running into slight discouragement early on, not because of lack of results from the blog or videos or what be it, I feel that a formal education in writing, or literature, or something will greatly improve my writing composition, how I adequately convey ideas, or talk about topics/events.

11PM// I haven’t heard from Faith since I woke up, I accidentally fell asleep on her without responding, she’s probably fast asleep at work though. Surprisingly enough, she’s been getting a good past couple of shifts and not running to hard at work, whereas I on the other hand have been getting my ass ran. That’s besides the point, we can save that for another day. The day’s been winding down to an end and I’ve been stuck in this perpetual cycle of trying to figure out what to while mindlessly browsing on my computer and getting trapped in a YouTube black hole. My body is physically fatigued but I know I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep even if I tried. I might decide to clean up before Faith gets home in the morning. To be honest the days go really slow when she’s not here and I’m super self aware of my isolation in the apartment when it’s just me and the cats. Just something I noticed that I haven’t felt as intensely before. Goodnight, ya’ll.


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