KVlogs #007

September 6th, 2020
It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a personal daily blog, i’m sorry I’ve been busy throughout my day that has left me with almost not time to write leisurely other than this article i’m writing for the blog. Thank-you all, I appreciate your time and patience.

5AM// I wake up this morning with Faith and made her coffee, I had said I would wake up with her because she had asked. This morning she insisted I stay in bed because she felt bad because of how early it was. Typical, I was determined to help and even brought brought her bedding down to her truck when prompted. How could I not help, she makes sure everything is perfect for me. I waited awake until she made it to work and then promptly fell asleep.

10AM// Yesterday I had slept through the entire day after promising my father that i’d help him repair the family Airstream, so I did my best to wake up and first thing I did was make coffee and head over there. The repair took about 5 minutes to do after about 5 minutes of measure a piece of aluminum for a piece of the undercarriage that had torn. My mom got home from jet skiing around 11am. When my dad and I were finished we went upstairs and were having jovial conversation about Netflix. OH! I ate one of their jalapenos that they grew and it was delicious, very hot for a jalapeno, but delicious. I ended up leaving there around 1.

2PM// I made it home and threw on Netflix as per usual, and did my best to cool down from the car ride from my parents house. Brando called around 3 and was going to head over in “20 minutes” which means in like an hour. Which is exactly how long it took because I decided to plant myself on the couch until he got here and use him as entertainment while I cleaned. It’s weird, it’s almost as if I need validation for my efforts, maybe I’m just over analyzing.

4PM// Brandon finally arrived, like I said, about 40 minutes after his ETA. I made him set himself on Netflix and started cleaning the apartment from top to bottom starting with the living room. All in all it was about 2 hours before I sat down, he even made a comment about being on my feet the entirety of the time he had been there so far.

6PM// It was around 6:30pm when I pulled out my laptop and started making more progress on my “Halo” article. Brandon and I were tossing back ideas and imperative talking point across the franchise. He even opened up the Master Chief Collection and played for about an hour and half before leaving to head to his friends in Sarasota.

8PM// I’ve been typing and doing research for around 2 hours now and have around 2000 words. I wish I had this much interest in writing in high school. Oh well. Sorry CPT Mitchell, CPT Gattignolo, and CPT Serra, my Senior year English teacher and middle school English teacher shall remain nameless. I decided to take a break and resume watching the show “Away” it’s pretty good and I’ve binged probably about 4 episodes straight today, and for an hour show, that’s pretty good.

9PM// It’s getting late now, and I’ve yet to get my things together for bed. The cats seem to be on crack tonight with the way they’ve been flying around the apartment fro the past hour. I’m probably going to try and find a lighthearted movie to put on to fall asleep to after I get my things together for work. Night ya’ll!


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