KVlogs #008

September 8th, 2020

11PM// Dan and I got a call at about 10:45 last night. This isn’t out of the norm, minus the fact that we’re taking a patient from Fort Meyers, which is an hour south, to Brooksville about 3 hours north of Fort Meyers. I think our dispatcher had a vendetta because of a call I had a question about earlier.

12PM// Dan drove us down to Fort Meyers and will be driving us up to Brooksville. So we get to the room and the lady hops on our stretcher, no big deal, I get the paperwork and report from the nurse, if you could call it a report. The lady had no idea where she was going and when I told her we were going to North Tampa she nearly had a heart attack in the back of the ambulance. She talked my ear off the entire 3 hours with just nonsensical small talk. Asking me things like “What’s your favorite color”, she even asked for my full name at one point and I gave her a false last. Apparently, she had called 911 at some point that night in regards to the health and safety of her mother, and something transpired during the incident that caused her to get baker acted. She didn’t really know, and neither did the nurse. The trip up was hell, constantly fidgeting trying to mess with the restraints. She would even talk about her multiple boyfriends that she had only seen or even met once. According to her she was married too, she wore her rubber band ring with pride. She was the mother of 3 kids according to her chart, and that became very evident later in the ride when she started yelling about breast pain and then proceed to pump herself in the back of my ambulance. Oh yeah, it was a whole ordeal, not to mention the constant flirting throughout all of it and trying to put her hands on me. It was a nightmare, and i’m absolutely positive it was payback for calling dispatch earlier that day.

3AM// We finally arrived in north Tampa and were greeted at the facility, and everything from there on out went smoothly. Dan insisted he drove until the GPS showed an “ETA” of an hour. We got back shortly around 5am, and we promptly went to bed.

8AM// I woke up from my nap just in time to clear out all my things and clock out and head home for the day. I was exhausted, but for some reason when I got home and planted myself in bed, I didn’t find sleep until watching Netflix with Faith for about an hour or two.

12PM// Faith and I woke up around 12:30 and slowly made our way out of bed, she had some errands that I was going to accompany her on today, just to lighten the load since she works later. She has a nail appointment scheduled for 2:30, so we just spent the rest of our time lounging on the couch together and watching Netflix.

3PM// We hit the nail salon, and when she got done there, the bank, and then the vape store. We’d gotten everything knocked out in a small chunk of the day. We made it back home just in time for lunch. After we sat down and relaxed a bit, I threw the oven on for a pizza. We were are both pretty tired from our work schedules so we the remainder of our time before she had to work at 7 was Netflix, once again. We have the habit of putting on a show together, this session’s selection was NCIS and talking over a majority of the episode about any particular topic. We’re coming up on 6 months together and we were talking about how it feels like longer because we’re so committed to each other it just feels like we’re putting so much ground behind us in so little time, which we are. We talked about how things started and when we knew that this was for real. It was quite refreshing and I’m getting butterflies typing this out. Everything is so easy when it comes to her — babe, you don’t give yourself enough credit.

7PM// Faith left for work, begrudgingly, night shifts are a pain so I totally get it. I hate when she has to leave for work. I immediately throw open my laptop and start surfing the web. I had plans to go over to my friend Donnie’s to have some in-depth Halo talk for future articles. I’ve always been into Halo lore, but the books never really caught my attention and there’s a lot to be told about Reach. Personally, I’d rather hear a synopsis from a buddy with a beer than a Youtube video, plus, I can always consult those later.

8PM// After browsing mindlessly for about an hour and spamming our gamers group chat to get on Jack, one of my friends and also Max’s brother, hopped on to play Halo, we played campaign on Reach. Brandon and Donnie were also in the party. We played for about 2 hours before hopping off around 10:30, then I flipped on the Xbox and started playing the same thing with Donnie. Not going to lie we were doing well enough that it felt nostalgic, granted, we’re still great gamers but not the ones we were in highschool. The only people we were missing were Alicia, Donnie’s sister, and Max. We ended the night on a good note with a last couple wins and then a humiliating defeat in the end, in good Xbox fashion.

11PM// Max FaceTimed me to explain a video he that has been floating around the interwebs of a man committing suicide, I to had seen in prior as it had been shared in a group I was in on FaceBook. I don’t recommend this video to anyone, frankly, it should be taken down. I decided to chat with him until he finished his drive from work. I’m not sure if it’s a normal thing among friend groups, but we all FaceTime and if we don’t video chat, we call, it’s one of the many thing I appreciate about my friend group. Oh! We always say I love you too even if it has to be in a goofy way to seem natural. Unfortunately, Faith’s at work so the rest of the night will consist of kitties and Netflix, I’m running on minimal sleep, so, Night, y’all.


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