In the past 8 months or so…

Full disclosure this blog is going to be all over the place and pretty lengthy because I have a lot of information to cover.

Listen, I know, I know, I’ve been entirely inactive in the last 8 months. Let me apologize ahead of time but preface this entire post in saying I have a decently good reason for doing so. That reason is adulting, in all forms really from life to work to everything else. So give me the chance to get the few of you that pay attention to my blog up to speed. We’ll start at the beginning of my absence.

My Job

My last post was sometime in September of 2020 back when my partner at my EMS job was still Dan, and can I just say that he is probably the one thing I miss most since the last time I blogged. Dan if you ever get the chance to read this: We had the best time together and have/had the potential to be the closest partners ever as we’ve discussed on our shifts our personalities just unconventionally clicked. I’ve gone through two partners since Dan.

So Dan got a job at Venice fire department, and I couldn’t be more proud. If you didn’t know fire department jobs are extremely competitive because it is one of the few jobs left that gives you a pension. Dan threw in his application mainly just for sh*ts and giggles, he was applying for two spots out of 100+ applicants and finessed his way into the department that would’ve only been possible for him. It was a bittersweet achievement, I was sad to see him leave but happy to see him go because he was on to bigger and better things and I still see him ever couple of shifts to this day. Not to mention I always see his girlfriend Jada in the hospital where my mom works, and when I do I always give a superficially enthusiastic greeting “Hi Jada” in which she replies “Hi Kota” in the same exact way.

My next partner was Brett. Brett was exceptionally positive in our partnership. I worked for him for roughly 3-4 months before he ended up taking a leave of absence from our company in which he never returned. It wasn’t until working with him for about a month that I found out he was 30+ years older than myself. The great thing about it though was he had the maturity of a 50-something-year old but he was able to get on my level and talk to me like I was the same age as him. We had plenty of long nights where we were up around 3am talking about life. Be it religion, tragedy, politics, love and everything in between. We had our fair share of rough calls where he would make up for when I was exceptionally tired or frustrated and vice versa. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better partner after Dan and really lucked out with him. I haven’t talked to him since and sincerely hope he’s doing well, in fact I going to reach out and see how he’s doing tomorrow as it’s around midnight right now.

After Brett was Nicole. Nicole was new to the company and don’t get me wrong, she’s a great person and has a good heart but in order to spend 24 hours with someone your personalities had to click in a certain way. I’d say we clicked about 75% of the time, and that’s giving a brutally honest estimate. Nicole if you see this I’m sure you can agree this was the case. Initially I was really not looking forward to Nicole to be my partner if I’m being honest. I saw her name on the schedule and instantly recognized it as someone I went to highschool with. I am happy to say that our partnership was nothing like I had expected, thankfully. She was my partner for a little over 6 months, and in that time we had gotten to know each other very, very well, especially considering we weren’t really friends in highschool that talked but more mutual friend or acquaintances. She was new to EMS and new to the company so she showed up to work every day bright eyed and bushy tailed which was good, I just wasn’t a morning person, and she knew that so she knew to stay clear of too extensive of conversation first thing in the morning, but I digress, she took a leave of absence to study for her MCATs for med school coming in late July, we still talk occasionally.

Since Nicole left I switched back to an ALS truck after being on BLS for over a year. My new partner is Anthony “Tony” we’ve worked together for almost two weeks now and we get along pretty well, exceptionally well if I’m being honest. There’s not too much I can tell you about him other than he has a wife and he’s kind of young, maybe late 20’s or early, early 30’s.

Personal Life

On Thanksgiving of 2020 I got engaged to my amazing, absolutely perfect wife, Faith. Let me just say that in my experience I have not been more nervous in my life then before getting down on one knee and pouring my heart out to another human being. See I believe in tradition, and wanted to ask her parents for their blessing first and then my parents for their blessing. Her mom and my mom were no brainers, it was almost an immediate yes from both of them and not a second thought. My dad’s blessing was probably about a 20 minute conversations followed by his as well. I was extremely nervous to ask her dad, as could be expected. Her dad is a retired marine, and I feel that’s enough explanation to portray the amount of intimidation that one gives off. We sat down, we shared beers and about 5 minutes into the conversation I explained the intentions I had with his daughter. I fully expected him to give one of his classic responses lie “Reject” or “Denied” as I hadn’t had a conversation with the man lasting over 10 minutes or so just because that’s how he is. That is not the response I got at all. Not only did he say yes, we sat outside on their front door step and conversated for upwards of an hour and half, talking about his life, his relationship with my now mother-in-law and the growth of his children (my wife and her 3 brothers) before he retired from the military. It was truly a humbling experience to have him divulge information and thoughts that he’d previously not expressed with anyone else to date.

We got married on May 8th, 2021 exactly one year and six days after we had started dating. It was a beautiful wedding, quick and to the point. The ceremony itself was under five minutes and we were officiated by my aunt. We have plans to have a bigger more formal ceremony in the upcoming two years in Boston.

Since the wedding we have moved out of the one bedroom one bath apartment and moved into a four bed two bath house to help her brother and his girlfriend out. It’s honestly been nice living in more space considering all of our things in the apartment that were once cluttered and overflowing fill out the house very nicely. They moved from their parents house and didn’t have more than a bed, dresser, tv and a couch whereas we’ve accommodated with dishware, appliances, and much more, and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

In Conclusion

Overall life is in an upwards trend thus far. We have our goals, our aspirations, and our foundation to achieve those things. I must apologize for slacking so much but between working my ass off and having poor time management skills for my hobbies. I’m going to try and do my best to keep this updated between articles of my personal life and articles about things I’ve encountered throughout my adventures. I’d like to say my life has slowed down a bit but that just isn’t the case, I’m constantly pushing forward to be successful, I just hope I can keep y’all in the loop. Thanks for being patient.


KVlogs #009 before my absence

So 5 months later here we are. A lot has changed in these couple months both in our country and in my personal life. How are you guys, what’s new?

For starters, let’s talk about what’s still the same. I’m still at the same “great” job, slumming away through the, what seems to be never ending COVID-19 pandemic, geez this thing seems like it’s never going to end, even with the widespread availability of vaccines. I passed up on my 1st chance to get the vaccine due to speculation and lack of data on getting said vaccine regarding long term effects. I wasn’t entirely convinced it was worth my trouble with that and not creating long term immunity nor immunity to other variants of the virus, I digress and it seems that we live in a day and age where that opinion might offend people or y’know come off as stupid to those that have already welcomed the vaccine with open arms , and with that being said I am awaiting the second round of vaccinations to be readily available.

We got a new president. Ending what seemed to be the most divided era of these United States, but it didn’t. It seems the bipartidism that plagues the country was only set in concrete when Trump was here, and now that we have Biden, well we’re still just a divided. It’s kind of maddening. As much as I don’t want to talk about politics on here it’s something that’s ever present in today’s society and is now constantly being reminded in news, social media, and common folk talk everywhere. So let me just get one thing clear, and Ill probably feel the need to say this more than once. I am not Republican, nor Democrat. When I get asked my political standpoint by peers, friends, etc. I usually give the broad answer of ” I am enough left to piss of my right friends, and enough right to piss of my left friends”. Only when prompted on certain issues will I divulge further because of this “cancel-culture” age where we can’t see eye to eye or meet in a middle ground because of politics. Like I said, maddening.

But enough of the dreary banter. I got engaged on Thanksgiving! I asked Ms. Faith Elizabeth Milana to be my best friend forever, and she said yes. I couldn’t be happier to be engaged to my best friend.

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