In the past 8 months or so…

Full disclosure this blog is going to be all over the place and pretty lengthy because I have a lot of information to cover. Listen, I know, I know, I’ve been entirely inactive in the last 8 months. Let me apologize ahead of time but preface this entire post in saying I have a decentlyContinue reading “In the past 8 months or so…”

KVlogs #007

September 6th, 2020It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a personal daily blog, i’m sorry I’ve been busy throughout my day that has left me with almost not time to write leisurely other than this article i’m writing for the blog. Thank-you all, I appreciate your time and patience. 5AM// I wake up this morningContinue reading “KVlogs #007”

Finding my niche in Writing.

It’s 12:30AM, and I’m at work watching Impractical Jokers. just submitted my blog for the day and I’m trying to catch the fatigue that I was trying so hard to fight just hours earlier. I was doing some browsing on the interwebs for different ways that people use writing to make money. I knew whatContinue reading “Finding my niche in Writing.”

KVlogs #004

August 27, 2020 sorry it’s a day late 5AM// I wish I could say we slept through the night, but we didn’t. Don’t get me wrong it was a blessing only running 2 calls and then having that 3rd final call. I was awake around 4AM and our call went out around 5/515, from NorthContinue reading “KVlogs #004”

On being a proactive young adult

One of the biggest gut checks after you graduate high school is not seeing your friends every day for around eight hours, five days a week. This can be compared to the feeling of being alone in your own apartment after the “honeymoon phase” of moving in. Something in the days, or for some weeks,Continue reading “On being a proactive young adult”

On walking your old high school halls..

I graduated in 2015, so that makes five years since I walked my old cobblestone courtyard, I had visited a couple months after graduation with the promise I would be back soon to see all my favorite teachers, but sure enough I got busy with trying to grow up, trying to be an adult. ItContinue reading “On walking your old high school halls..”